Course Testimonials:

I found the hypnotherapy course invaluable in my personal development. The course content was excellent and more comprehensive than I had imagined. All the course work was presented in a very user-friendly yet effective manner however the real strength of the course lies in the presentation and communication skills of Hazel Thomson. Her engaging style and great enthusiasm helped me to really understand the topics and gavem me the confidence to carry what I have learned through into my professional practice. To summarise, this course equipped me to enhance my business not to mention my earnings.

A. Campbell

I have just attended a hypnotherapy course with Hazel from the Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy and I just would like to say how very professional and great the course really was. When I first started the course I had little knowledge of hypnotherapy but with Hazel’s great patience, caring and understanding I am now a qualified hypnotherapist. Hazel has a fantastic natural ability of teaching and explains the most complicated things in a manner that anyone can understand. She makes hypnotherapy look and sound so easy. She is truly a remarkable lady and is a very big credit to the hypnotherapy profession. Thank you very much Hazel, you are great!

S. Harris

Truly Life Changing….. just great, and I do feel I have the knowledge and experience now to carry out hypnotherapy. Definitely recommend the course.

J. Cowing

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for ages to say a huge thank you for my certificate. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and of all the certificates I have (including the one I’ve just received from Mr Bandler) it’s the one I’m most proud of. Many thanks for conceiving, tailoring & delivering such a fantastic course. It was a real pleasure spending time with you & I look forward to meeting you again some time in the future.

K. Johnston

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support through out your course. Your style of training is very conducive to allowing people to learn by their mistakes and to grow from them. I enjoyed the course very much. They are a great group of people and I feel revitalised,motivated and have a new belief in myself that I can work through any problem or obstacle to enable me to change my life for the better. You are a great example of ‘Paying it forward’.

T. Ramsey

Thank you for teaching me to love and understand myself in a totally different way.

I. Sen

After having completed my NLP course (which was equally amazing!) when I came back from that and allowed my new knowledge to ‘settle’, I found I had ‘gaps’ that were stopping me from cohesively formatting a ‘session’ for any potential client. Your Hypnotherapy course was to become the ‘cement’ that binds all other tools together and I LOVE IT!! I am now able to see ‘how’ I can make a session for a client relaxing, organic and very fulfilling for them and for me!

L. Ktoris

I have completed both my Certificate and Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Hazel from MCCH. I was constantly impressed by Hazels’ depth of knowledge and experience. Hazel delivers courses in a relaxed and supportive manner. She demonstrates great integrity and focus on the standards and principles of best practice in therapeutic methods in Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Learning in such a positive and enabling environment has built my confidence beyond my expectation. I am now looking forward to building a successful business doing what I love, helping people overcome their problems easily and effectively. Hazel I cannot thank you enough; it was an absolute pleasure working with you. Not only have you changed my life, you have enabled me to have the same privilege of confidently helping others with hypnosis.

S. C. Ross

Thank you for your inspired teaching. I have had a wonderful magical learning experience.

K. Broadbent

I have learnt more than I ever could imagine. Massive life journey!

R Pryer