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Hazel Thomson, Founder and Principal of MCCH

Hazel qualified with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and holds a Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma (now called Postgraduate) in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She also holds a B.Sc. from Edinburgh University majoring in Psychology as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling from Northern College, Aberdeen and a Diploma in Career and Work Counselling from George Brown College, Toronto.

Previously she was a Supervisor of the LCCH and acquired qualifications in EFT and Deep State Repatterning with Tania Prince. She also had the opportunity to train with Ernest Rossi, pupil to Milton Erickson as well as David Grove who contributed greatly to her understanding of the Inner Child and the use of Metaphor.

Qualifications include:

B.Sc. Social Science, major Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma LCCH
Postgraduate Certificate Counselling
Postgraduate Diploma Career and Work Counselling
EFT, Deep State Repatterning and Feng Shui
Certificate in EMDR
First and Second & Third Degree Reiki
First and Second Degree Seichem
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

Hazel is responsible for ensuring corporate governance and the continual updating of course material. She carries out student supervision and assists with training as required. In addition to her corporate duties Hazel manages MCCH Scotland along with her private practice in Edinburgh City Centre.


Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh
Hazel Thomson
Tel: 07730 603 468