Certificate in Life Coaching

The Coaching module was introduced to the Hypnotherapy Certificate Course in recognition that many hypnotherapy clients want additional coaching to achieve life goals or that some people wish to steer clear of “therapy” yet still want assistance in gaining clarity about direction or support whilst working towards their life aims.  It also allows the hypnotherapy student to start working immediately they complete their combined hypnotherapy and life coaching certificate.  (This module is included in the cost of the Clinical Hypnotherapy certificate)

The Life Coaching Certificate is also a stand-alone course in its own right.
The course centres around the GROW model which provides a valuable structure to the coaching process and includes sample questions to overcome resistance and create effective outcomes.  Another valuable component of the course is the toolkit of questionnaires and activities which offers guidance to the coachee – these can be used prior or during a session.  The course constitutes 35 hours (4 days + 3 coaching sessions) and costs £450.  There is flexibility about delivery and it may be possible to do this on an individual basis depending on the availability of the trainer.   35 hours coaching instruction along with 40 hours delivery of coaching is the required element to apply to become an associate of The Association of Coaching.  This course is validated internally by IIPCH (International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists).  There is a practical assessment and 2 case studies to be submitted.

Course Outline:

·          Differences and similarities between coaching, managing, mentoring and counselling
·          Ideal coach and environment – what it  takes to be a great coach
·          The coaching spectrum – the impact of  directive/facilitative approach
·          Communication skills –  building rapport, effective listening* and questioning
·          Fundamentals of NLP*
·          Goal Setting – processes, taking a walk in the future*
·          The Grow model
·          Grow model sample questions and tips
·          Coaching toolkit questionnaires and  activities including:

–        Self Awareness Activity
–        Values and Needs Exercise
–        Myers Briggs Inventory – strengths and limitations
–        How do you want your life to be – great questions
–        Life Evaluation Form
–        Vision Board
–        Developing the Inner Coach

*Denotes elements that are covered within the hypnotherapy syllabus.  The standalone course includes all elements of above

On completion of this module students receive a Coaching Certificate which can be used to gain insurance from any reputable company and add a different dimension to their business.  The certificate is validated internally by the International Institute of  Coaches and Hypnotherapists.

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