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International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists (IIPCH)

The aims of the institute is to provide a governing body to support its members and to provide a code of conduct and ethics to protect the public. It is also a source for students and practising professionals to access suitably qualified hypnotherapists and coaches for supervision and guidance.

The Institute is the awarding body for the courses provided by the Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Levels of Membership

  • 1
    Student Membership applies to all students currently studying coaching or hypnotherapy. This category of membership allows individuals to use the letters AIIPCH.
  • 2
    Full Membership applies to all students who have successfully completed training with the Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy, or Self Value training courses. Other training bodies may be accepted on application and subject to scrutiny of course content, number of teaching hours, reading lists and qualifications of the trainers.
  • 3
    The Institute reserve the right to refuse application. This category of membership allows individuals to use the letters MIIPCH
  • 4
    Accredited Postgraduate Membership applies to members who have submitted two case studies and put forward two references, one of which is from the submitted case study and the other a course tutor or supervisor. It also acknowledges and necessitates the holder of the Postgraduate membership to agree to have 3 supervisory sessions per year to ensure satisfactory accreditation. This category of membership allows individuals to use the letters PMIIPCH.


The student and membership categories are free for the first year to those individuals training at the Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy. Thereafter the fee is £30.00 per annum. Application from training bodies other than the MCCH the fee is £50.00 per annum.

The accredited postgraduate membership (Hypnotherapy) requires a £30 once only fee for processing in addition to the 3 supervisory sessions@ £30. There is no recurring annual fee other than the supervisory sessions to ensure the continuing high standards of its accredited members. The year runs from 31st January.

Code of Conduct for Hypnotherapists and Coaches

I agree to these rules and regulations regarding my membership of the above Professional Body:

  • I shall at all times conduct my professional activities with the dignity, respect and probity becoming a servant of the public.
  • I shall not, under any circumstances, infringe the code of morality becoming my profession and shall not commit any breach of conduct that would adversely reflect upon myself, the International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists, or upon my fellow practitioners.
  • I shall not under any circumstances offer or promise cures for any conditions.
  • I shall not give any performance or display that presents hypnosis as a means of entertainment.
  • I shall never enter into a sexual relationship with a patient under my care.
  • I shall endeavour to keep my patients’ affairs confidential, the law of the land not withstanding.
  • I shall accept that any patient referred to me by a Medical Practitioner remains the clinical responsibility of that Medical Practitioner and therefore shall agree to keep that Medical Practitioner and other relevant agencies up to date with written report(s) of the patient’s progress.
  • I shall under no circumstances advise my patients to discontinue any course of treatment as prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • I shall at all times respect the integrity of other recognised health care professionals. I shall not claim to have qualifications or credentials I have not earned. Neither shall I use designated letters to which I am not entitled. The title “Dr.” shall not be used unless I have a bona fide Medical or Academic Qualification from a Medical or Educational Establishment.

I shall recognise both my personal and professional limitations:

  • Personal – with respect to maintaining my health and fitness to practice. Coaches and Hypnotherapists are required to withdraw from their practice until such time as they are in good health and fit to resume. Clients should be offered appropriate, alternative support during any such period.
  • Professional – with respect to whether my experience is appropriate to meet the client’s requirements. When this is not the case, clients should be referred to other appropriate services, e.g. counsellors, psychotherapists or other specialist services. In particular I am required to be sensitive to the possibility that some clients will require more psychological support than is normally available within the coaching or hypnotherapy remit. In these cases, referral should be made to an appropriate source of care, e.g. the client’s GP, a counsellor or psychotherapist, psychological support services and/or agencies.
  • I am responsible for ensuring that clients are fully informed of fees and proposed length of treatment prior to or at the initial session.
  • I am required to be frank and willing to respond to their Client’s requests for information about the methods, techniques and ways in which the therapeutic or coaching process will be conducted when made prior to a contract being agreed and is being conducted when made during the contract’s term.
  • I am required to be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender and race.
  • I am required to respect the client’s right to terminate coaching/therapy at any point during the consultative process.
  • I am required to maintain appropriate records of my work with Clients, ensuring that any such records are accurate and that reasonable security precautions are taken to protect against third party disclosure. Attention should be given to the client’s rights under any current legislation, e.g. data protection act.
  • I aim to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development in the theory and practice of coaching on an annual basis.
  • I am required to keep myself informed of any statutory or legal requirements that may affect my work.
  • I am required to have current professional liability insurance if working in practice.
  • I recognise that if I do not observe the above rules and regulations, the MCCH and International Institute of professional coaches and hypnotherapists reserve the right to remove my membership immediately and that the membership will not be reinstated.

Note to Public: The Institute recognises that it can only recommend it’s code to its members and does not hold any direct responsibility for the malpractice of its members and cannot be sued in this regard by any individual member of the public. However every complaint will be investigated and in the event the complaint is upheld then the individual will be immediately removed from the register.