Hypnotherapy & Coaching Courses & Costs

Femme en séance d'hypnose.

The aim of the Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy is to provide you with:

  • Real life, hands on hypnotherapy training
  • Sound theoretical principles of hypnotherapy
  • Fascinating case studies
  • Small class sizes
  • Flexible attitude

Our in-depth hypnotherapy training delivers the theoretical principles of hypnosis, hands on training, case studies and practical-based experience where you get to practice as you learn. More information is available on the drop down menu Courses & Costs.

The Practitioner course constitutes the Certificate comprising 4 modules and the Diploma comprising 5 modules. The course is validated externally by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, The International Hypnotherapy Association and The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Internally the course is validated by the International Institute of Professional Coaches.

The Certificate (50 face to face hours teaching) covers the background, principles and processes of hypnotherapy, thereby providing a sold framework for further learning.  On the successful completion of the course you will receive a Certificate (CCH) from the College. This will enable you to offer stress management, directive therapy surrounding issues of confidence, weight and smoking, as well as teaching clients relaxation and self- hypnosis.  The certificate also includes EFT, parts therapy and how to work with the ‘Inner Child’ so that the student has a very broad range of skills to assist their client.  You will also receive a Life Coaching Certificate which is internally validated by MCCH.  The life coaching content centres around the Grow Model but also draws on other disciplines to give sound practical techniques for anyone wanting to be a talented Life Coach.

The Diploma Course contains no less than 70 classroom hours hypnotherapy training and together with the certificate will have a combined classroom time of 120 hours.

The essential components of the Diploma are:

  • Advanced hypnotherapy techniques
  • Resolving emotional traumas
  • Regression including Past Life Regression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Dealing with PTSD (EMDR)
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Sports Improvement
  • Hypnosis with Children

The course also covers a wide variety of subjects including;

  • Skin disorders
  • Child birth
  • Infertility
  • Lucid dreaming and many others

The DCH will be awarded on satisfactory attendance and a 70% pass mark in both the practical and theoretical exam along with successful submission of 3 case studies.  You will have 45 hours of self directed learning along with reading, practice hours and watching U-tube videos.

Qualifying with a DCH will entitle you to apply for full membership of the GHSC, IHA, BSCH or similar. You will also be given free membership to the IIPCH for 12 months.

On joining the GHSC you will have the option of being on the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) where you will be awarded the title GQHP (General qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice)

All students who successfully qualify from the Diploma will be confident to treat a very wide number of conditions including asthma, skin conditions, nightmares, addictions, phobias, anxiety, IBS.  The list is not exhaustive and more information about the modules can be found on Diploma page.


The Certificate Course is open to all but it is most suited to those who have a natural ability to build rapport with others, and who would like to help people make a positive change in their life.

If you wish to pursue a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy you should complete the further 5 modules which constitute the Diploma course, thus making you eligible to apply for full membership of the GHSC (GHR register), Hypnotherapy Association, IHA or similar.

Entry to the Diploma is dependent on successful completion of the Certificate course.* Please note a Life Coaching Certificate is issued in addition to the CMCCH on completion of the first 4 modules.

*On rare occasions it may be suggested to a student that the diploma should be deferred or that the diploma is not advised. This may be as a result of language difficulties or that an issue has come to light during the certificate course.  Please note that that trainer has final say with regard to progress to diploma level.


As of 01.09.2022, the certificate course fee is £995.00.  The diploma course fee is £1295.00. A deposit of £100 is required to secure a place and the balance is due four weeks before the course starting date.

To book your place or to ask a question about the courses contact us today.