Certificate in Career Coaching

The career coaching certificate was created in response to the number of individuals seeking help in not only making decisions about their career choices but also about finding their life purpose.
This is an exciting course that will not only give you a profession as a career coach but can also reignite your passion about your own future. There is flexibility how this 40 hour (5 days) course is delivered and you may consider a one to one option where you can work with your trainer on your own soul journey and life path. Ask your local trainer for availability.

MCCH also licenses others to deliver courses so potentially after completion and apprenticeship you may become a Career Coach Trainer and work in corporates or outplacement.
The course is validated internally by the IIPCH (International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists) A practical assessment is carried out and you will be required to submit 2 case studies including 2 CV’s.
Please note on successful completion you will also receive a Life Coaching Certificate.

Course Cost £525

Course Outline:

Module 1 – Exploration

  • Who am I to others? Introduction exercise 
  • Strengths and capabilities
  • MBTI positive and negative potentials
  • My Journey
  • Values, what is important in your life
  • Values and needs
  • Who lives in a house like this?
  • My ideal working environment
  • What is special about me?
  • Work life balance
  • Creative visualisation exercises

Module 2 – Clarification

  • How do you want your life to be?
  • What motivates you at work?
  • Role analysis star chart
  • Cast yourself in a role
  • Exploring options/research
  • Taking a walk into the future
  • Goal setting
  • Self coach to achieve goal
  • Creative visualisation
    • Future train
    • Escalator visualisation

Module 3 – Action, How do I get there?

  • Building your CV for a new job or a new job role
    • Ability analysis
    • Strengths
    • Work achievements
    • My work-style
    • Assembling information & establishing your objective
    • Investigation
    • Preparation – developing your CV
    • Choice of CV format
    • Samples statements
  • Building my life map/vision board
  • Approach job market
  • Using head-hunters and recruiters
  • Using the internet to find a job
  • Using Social Media
  • Job interview / next step preparation / rehearsal
  • Interview process – general considerations
  • Interview process – helpful facts
  • Persistence pays off
  • Job offer salary discussions and handling negotiations

 Module 4 – Commitment

  • Conclusions from the journey
  • My 10 year plan –redefining long term goals
  • Money Management
  • Confidence and stress management skills
  • Motivation
  • Beliefs
  • Confidence boosting exercise
  • Follow up ‘Note to me’
  • Closure and evaluation

Module 5 – Coaching in Action

  • Definition of coaching and key skills – differences and similarities between coaching, managing, and counselling
  • The Coaching spectrum – the impact of directive/non-directive
  • Discover your coaching style
  • Coach qualities – preparing you and the coaching environment
  • Communication skills – building rapport, effective listening
    and questioning techniques
  • The GROW Model
  • Fundamentals of NLP
  • Using NLP to create positive outcomes
  • Empowering performance improvement in the workplace -
    giving and receiving feedback
  • Building your brand