business team 300x195 HomeMCCH is an established UK College committed to high standards of training and ethical practice.
It provides a thorough framework for students who want to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a qualified reputable Clinical Hypnotherapist.

The benefits of training with the Manchester College of Coaching and  Hypnotherapy are:

  • High student – teacher ratio
  • Accredited externally by the GHSC, HA, IHA and internally by the IIPCH
  • Experienced trainers who continue to run their own private practices and invest in ongoing professional development
  • Focus on skills and practice ensuring competency and confidence in techniques
  • Comprehensive course framework including extensive course notes
  • High percentage of graduates develop a successful career in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Ongoing support and supervision throughout the course
  • Flexible payment options

Background to College

The College was founded by Hazel Thomson  who has woven her valuable insights and 20 years of clinical practice into the comprehensive training manual. Following a psychology degree, Hazel graduated from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 1995 and further trained in counseling, NLP, EFT and Deep State Repatterning.  Amongst the many contributors to her learning experience were; Ernest Rossi, David Grove, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Tania Prince.  More recently Hazel spent time in Canada where she assimilated the traditional teachings and healing methods of the Native American peoples. Hazel is now resident in Edinburgh, where she delivers hypnotherapy training for MCCH Scotland, oversees MCCH but also continues to see clients in her private practice in Edinburgh City Centre.

In 2014, the College appointed Kinga Oldham as Training Principal; a role that includes training development, supervision and operational management.  Kinga resides in Hale, Manchester where she manages her own busy private practice in addition to delivering the full practitioner programme.  Kinga brings with her not only her extensive experience of hypnotherapy as a qualified hypnotherapist, but also a wider appreciation of human psychology which includes qualifications in CBT and counselling.  Kinga regularly undertakes professional development to keep herself abreast of any changes in the hypnotherapy training world. She has a special interest in working with complex anxiety disorders’ and depression sufferers, continuously developing a variety of unique interventions.

MCCH has training centres in Edinburgh, Manchester and Glossop in the Peak District.

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