Welcome – Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy

MCCH is an established UK College committed to high standards of training and ethical practice.

It provides a thorough framework for students who want to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a qualified reputable Clinical Hypnotherapist. Established in 2010, the College continually revises it’s course material to ensure students have the most up-to-date innovative processes and techniques.

In 2022 MCCH Scotland acquired it's own state of the art training venue in Carmyle, Glasgow called The Orchard Park Centre where Andy Griffiths, the MCCH Scottish Training Manager now delivers his accredited face to face and virtual online hypnotherapy courses.

The benefits of training with the Manchester College of Coaching and  Hypnotherapy are:

  • Accredited externally by the GHSC, IHA, BSCH and internally by the IIPCH
  • Diploma graduates eligble to join CNHC
  • High teacher – student ratio
  • Experienced trainers who continue to run their own private practices and invest in ongoing professional development
  • Focus on skills and practice ensuring competency and confidence in techniques
  • Comprehensive course framework including extensive course notes
  • High percentage of graduates develop a successful career in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Ongoing support and supervision throughout the course

Background to College

The College was founded by Hazel Thomson  who has woven her valuable insights and 25 years of clinical practice into the comprehensive training manual. Following a psychology degree, Hazel graduated from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 1995 and further trained in Counselling, NLP, EFT, Deep State Re-patterning, Career Coaching and Theta Healing. Amongst the many contributors to her learning experience were; Ernest Rossi, David Grove, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, Tania Prince and Jennifer Main.  Hazel lives in Appleby, Cumbria where she sees clients and delivers EMDR and CPD courses.  Hazel oversees MCCH ensuring the College upholds best practice as well as maintaining the course notes; keeping them up to date and fresh.

Andy Griffiths delivers training in Greater Glasgow from a state of the art training facility in Carmyle as well as running his own busy private practice. This means that MCCH has its own training centre in Scotland that offers both face to face tuition as well as remote learning.  Andy is a graduate of MCCH but has previously completed a number of hypnotherapy courses including training in Canada. His specialist area is Anxiety disorders and  he has created an online facility called ‘Anxiety Unplugged’ so that his support can be readily available  and far- reaching. Andy is also a business man and has expertise in setting up and running his own company; an events and media organisation.  This background and knowledge is invaluable to students who want to know more about how to run a successful small business.

Within the Manchester area Ron Pusey holds the position of  North West Training Manager.  Ron has over 25 years as an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with a specialist interest in helping people with Anxiety. He has developed S.A.T. or Stop Anxiety Today which is a system or process that is designed to treat the whole person and produce ongoing sustainable change.  Ron is able to draw on his many years working as a Medic looking after 750 employees when he advised on healthy eating, fitness, stress management and smoking cessation.   Previously he also worked in sales and was a motivational speaker and therefore is well aware of the target driven world of corporate life. Ron has training in EMDR, NLP, and continues to update his skills through continual professional development.

MCCH has training centres in Greater Manchester, Glasgow and Cumbria (Appleby).

Please visit the testimonial page to see what students have to say about our training courses.

I found the hypnotherapy course invaluable in my personal development. The course content was excellent and more comprehensive than I had imagined. All the course work was presented in a very user-friendly yet effective manner however the real strength of the course lies in the presentation and communication skills of Hazel Thomson. Her engaging style and great enthusiasm helped me to really understand the topics and gavem me the confidence to carry what I have learned through into my professional practice. To summarise, this course equipped me to enhance my business not to mention my earnings.

A. Campbell

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for ages to say a huge thank you for my certificate. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and of all the certificates I have (including the one I’ve just received from Mr Bandler) it’s the one I’m most proud of. Many thanks for conceiving, tailoring & delivering such a fantastic course. It was a real pleasure spending time with you & I look forward to meeting you again some time in the future.

K. Johnston

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support through out your course. Your style of training is very conducive to allowing people to learn by their mistakes and to grow from them. I enjoyed the course very much. They are a great group of people and I feel revitalised,motivated and have a new belief in myself that I can work through any problem or obstacle to enable me to change my life for the better. You are a great example of ‘Paying it forward’.

T. Ramsey

To request further details regarding our hypnotherapy training courses, EMDR, CPD courses or supervision please contact us today.