North West

‘Kinga is one of those people you come across in your life who changes everything! From the hypnotherapy point of view Kinga has a very unique gift and i am delighted she is sharing it! There is a genuineness and gentleness that allows you to hand yourself over  completely enabling you the best experience possible. I can honestly say my life is now richer and fuller for the experiences offered to me and i will be eternally grateful.
On the course/tutor front Kinga runs a very well structured and concise course. There is a wealth of material, knowledge and experience to gain from and nothing is too much to ask, if she can give it she will. From day one i felt Kinga was very in touch with all our needs and worked with us, making for a much more enjoyable and personal learning journey. Her heartfelt and honest approach has genuinely inspired me and if i can go on to be a fraction of the therapist Kinga is i will be delighted… i honestly cant thank you enough.
Id really rather the course did not have to end… not looking forward to saying goodbye..’ Kim A.

The course materials are all in depth and instructional, however Kinga emphasised she is uniquely and holistically person centred. Kinga teaches you to accept yourself and trust your connection with the client, encouraging you to try new ideas and become empathetic and inventive.
This is a refreshing process that I know will work so effectively with clients and achieve fantastic results as it has with me, as she works with us individually through the sessions to get first hand experiences and understandings. I have  gotten so much out of this course and I am on the Diploma Course thoroughly enjoying the journey. This has been truly life changing, inspiring and empowering. Kinga makes you feel like family with her loving approach.  She develops your individual personality style as a therapist to create such a brilliant learning environment and a strong platform for your future works.  I have learnt so much and it has given me a new inspiration to focus on this fantastic skill. I cant see myself doing anything else and I will be sad when this course finishes. I will maintain contact for my professional development and training with Kinga. She is truly a lovely empowering lady.’ Kathryn G.

I had been considering training as a hypnotherapist for almost two years, and had looked at courses being delivered by providers the length and breadth of the UK. However, the time never seemed quite right until I read Kinga’s testimonials. Having procrastinated for so long, instinctively I knew that the time was right. I have worked in higher education for 15 years, and was very impressed with the quality of the course. Kinga is a very skilled and generous teacher, and very willing to share her expertise. From the outset I was encouraged and supported in the development of not only the theoretical, but the practical skills underpinning hypnotherapy. Kinga provides a supportive and safe learning environment, and although the course was hard work, I can with all honesty say that I enjoyed every moment of it. Contacting Kinga that day was serendipitous, and I am now ready to develop my practice as a newly qualified hypnotherapist. I would not hesitate in recommending this course. Helen T.

‘Having a background as a qualified mental health nurse for 35 years, when I decided to look at a clinical hypnotherapy course I wanted one which offered clinical experience.
Kinga is not only a very experienced clinical hypnotherapist she has other fields of expertise such as psychotherapy. She uses all these background skills as a tutor which makes for an amazing experience for her students.
The course work and more importantly Kinga’s explanations, insights and practical exploration of the subject have kept me enthralled and truly fascinated in the subject.
I am not the sort of person who offers praise easily but I’ve found the whole experience fascinating and worthwhile. The main reason for which has been Kinga’s teachings and the skills she shares. I would highly recommend anyone seriously interested in studying clinical hypnotherapy to study with Kinga Oldham.’ Cris J.

My journey on the clinical hypnotherapy certificate course has been amazing, life changing in fact, on a personal development level, and on a professional level, it’s been a journey. The course was so interesting, interactive and informative, I really liked the small group working so there was plenty of time for practice and discussion. The fact that the course can be broken down, completing the certificate, to gain experience, before progressing on to the diploma is really helpful. The coaching certificate is an extra bonus that the majority of other courses don’t offer.
Kinga is a talented, knowledgeable and an inspiring educator, who is highly qualified and an expert in hypnotherapy and coaching, who’s passion is infectious, instilling confidence in your own skills, delivering in a relaxed and informative style at a pace that is just right. The ‘holistic’ approach ensures you are equipped to offer the best support to clients, with the ‘toolkit’ you develop by the end of the course overflowing with practical techniques. I HIGHLY recommend Kinga, and am so grateful for the training, I’m already looking forward to starting the diploma in the near future.  A Duffy.

‘I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a qualified hypnotherapist. Kinga has given me so much more confidence in my ability as a hypnotherapist. I had previously studied for a year on a another course but before coming on Kinga’s course I was not able to put theory into practice. Kinga demonstrates every technique that she teaches which enables the student to both experience hypnotherapy in action but also see a highly competent therapist in action. This was lacking on the previous course I went on and as a consequence, until I studied with Kinga, had never been ‘hypnotised’ or experienced a trance state. The course notes are comprehensive and well written and we all got plenty of practise.

Kinga is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable teacher; the pace of the course was just right and the venue is wonderful. In short I cannot praise the course enough. It is excellent value for money.’ L. Whitehouse

‘When I decided I wanted to go on a hypnotherapy course I like many checked out courses online and visited various blogs of those who had been on courses….What a nightmare …UK appears to be full of academic courses run by pure academics …sadly it appears many end up with a qualification that cost thousands of pounds but still cannot hypnotise anyone…. I signed up for Kinga’s course and was immediately impressed with the quality of material and advice and support. Day one like every day was not just learning but also practicing techniques learned with fellow learners … By the end of the Certification course I not only had a certificate but enough experience and confidence to go out into the world and help clients. To be honest it left me feeling spiritually uplifted I felt like I had also been on a motivational course… I will be returning to train for the diploma with Kinga and feel with her guidance and support I will become a valuable hypnotherapist. I have organised rooms and a practice at a local pharmacist with a handful of clients. An amazing course that If you are considering hypnotherapist and want a career not just a piece of paper I would highly recommend. Kinga Oldham is truly inspirational and simply an excellent tutor. Hypnotherapy is obviously her passion and she contaminates you with her enthusiasm. For those who have no experience she is definitely for you. For officially qualified hypnotherapists who realised they have just paid to read about hypnotherapy -don’t waste time and money invest in yourself and contact Kinga.’ R.Pusey

‘I have just been on the most amazing journey, culminating in the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from MCCH. The journey – professional, personal, and spiritual – felt complete in itself, yet I know it was just the first stage in what will be a long and fulfilling career, and a new chapter in my life. The course was thorough, combining theory with much practice, and has left me with the confidence and skills to deal with any scenario I come across in the future.
Kinga is a truly inspirational teacher, mentor, and role model and I can’t thank her enough for the experience this course has given me. ‘ A. Craven

‘I would recommend the course to anyone looking to do Hypnotherapy. I had an amazing experience and completed the course feeling professional and confident to do the job.
In the course we had so much time to practice with the different inductions, deepeners, and hypnosis without reading a script which was brilliant! After practice we would all share our experiences and give feedback which was a great way of learning. I wouldn’t have understood the theory if we didn’t practice. We all had the chance to be hypnotised by our trainer too with real problems so we could see how to do things for example what to do when people go into panic, how to ground people, and most of all how there is no right or wrong answer you can be so flexible with it.
I honestly could not ask for a better trainer. Kinga invested a lot of time into us and believed in us all. Kinga was so supportive and explained everything. Kinga showed us how to use our voice; she showed us many techniques and went through the modules with us. If you were ever stuck Kinga would go through everything until you understood. Overall Kinga was brilliant and gave us all the support needed. Thank you so much.’  S. Rhodes

‘I would like to thank you Kinga for delivering an amazing course. I have learned so much from you. I really enjoyed all the practical advice and putting theory into practice. You have also helped me to overcome a difficult childhood issue. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.’ P. Gardner

‘Kinga is an inspirational woman. My journey to being a hypnotherapist wouldn’t have been quite the same without her guidance and insight. The course by MCCH is both thorough and enjoyable, and equips the trainee with all the tools necessary to begin practising. There is lots of practice – something other courses don’t require – but I believe this to be one of the most important factors in training – your voice and delivery is key to success!’ Z. Johnson


I found the hypnotherapy course invaluable in my personal development. The course content was excellent and more comprehensive than I had imagined.  All the course work was presented in a very user-friendly yet effective manner however the real strength of the course lies in the presentation and communication skills of Hazel Thomson.  Her engaging style and great enthusiasm helped me to really understand the topics and gavem me the confidence to carry what I have learned through into my professional practice.  To summarise, this course equipped me to enhance my business not to mention my earnings.  A. Campbell

I have just attended a hypnotherapy course with Hazel from the Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy and I just would like to say how very professional and great the course really was.  When I first started the course I had little knowledge of hypnotherapy but with Hazel’s great patience, caring and understanding I am now a qualified hypnotherapist.  Hazel has a fantastic natural ability of teaching and explains the most complicated things in a manner that anyone can understand. She makes hypnotherapy look and sound so easy.  She is truly a remarkable lady and is a very big credit to the hypnotherapy profession.  Thank you very much Hazel, you are great! S. Harris

Truly Life Changing….. just great, and I do feel I have the knowledge and experience now to carry out hypnotherapy.  Definitely recommend the course. J. Cowing

I’ve been meaning to drop you a note for ages to say a huge thank you for my certificate. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and of all the certificates I have (including the one I’ve just received from Mr Bandler) it’s the one I’m most proud of. Many thanks for conceiving, tailoring & delivering such a fantastic course. It was a real pleasure spending time with you & I look forward to meeting you again some time in the future. K. Johnston

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support through out your course. Your style of training is very conducive to allowing people to learn by their mistakes and to grow from them.  I enjoyed the course very much. They are a great group of people and I feel revitalised,motivated and have a new belief in myself that I can work through any problem or obstacle to enable me to change my life for the better. You are a great example of ‘Paying it forward’. T. Ramsey

Thank you for teaching me to love and understand myself in a totally different way.  I. Sen

After having completed my NLP course (which was equally amazing!) when I came back from that and allowed my new knowledge to ‘settle’, I found I had ‘gaps’ that were stopping me from cohesively formatting a ‘session’ for any potential client. Your Hypnotherapy course was to become the ‘cement’ that binds all other tools together and I LOVE IT!!  I am now able to see ‘how’ I can make a session for a client relaxing, organic and very fulfilling for them and for me!  L. Ktoris

“I have completed both my Certificate and Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Hazel from MCCH.  I was constantly impressed by Hazels’ depth of knowledge and experience. Hazel delivers courses in a relaxed and supportive manner. She demonstrates great integrity and focus on the standards and principles of best practice in therapeutic methods in Hypnotherapy and Coaching. Learning in such a positive and enabling environment has built my confidence beyond my expectation. I am now looking forward to building a successful business doing what I love, helping people overcome their problems easily and effectively. Hazel I cannot thank you enough; it was an absolute pleasure working with you. Not only have you changed my life, you have enabled me to have the same privilege of confidently helping others with hypnosis.”  S. C. Ross

Thank you for your inspired teaching.  I have had a wonderful magical learning experience.
K. Broadbent

I have learnt more than I ever could imagine.  Massive life journey!  R Pryer

East Anglia

‘I have found the certificate part of the course full of content, and with Graham delivering this whilst also sharing his own experience, I feel as though I can start my business safe in the knowledge I have been taught all the skills required to be successful, and then some! I really appreciated learning in a small group with lots of opportunity to practice and ask questions without feeling intimidated.
It was really important for me to find an affordable, well put together, fully accredited course in my local area and I am grateful to have found this one.’ S. McLennan

‘I have really enjoyed the course and although some days it seemed that there was so much to take in and learn, Graham made sure we were all happy and understood everything we had gone through. I feel like I have come a long way from day one of doing this course and I’m excited to start the diploma stage.
Graham is an excellent tutor and is very approachable, he has made the course enjoyable and fun. He has always explained everything clearly and been honest with us in our progress throughout the course. I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher. ‘ L. Harvey

‘As someone who had the impression that Hypnosis is something mystical, the course has established that one has more control over their lives. The course has provided ‘tools’ that although are out there, how they are adapted to hypnotherapy has been an experience and useful tool in itself. Graham has really rapport with the group, his language used is understood, he explains clearly what is required, what we need to know and how we put this into practice. Graham treats everyone equally whether they have had previous experience or not. ‘ S. Daniel 

‘Very well run course with a good balance of tuition and practice. The provided material give enough information to both understand the subjects and guide the students to further study. Our tutor is extremely knowledgeable, inspires the group to succeed and to believe that they can. I have really enjoyed the sessions and look forward to the diploma with great excitement.

  • Great Tutor
  • Great Learning environment
  • Prompt, helpful; response to any questions
  • Assistance/guidance when needed

All in all a very pleasant learning experience that has opened so may adventures already. ‘ V. Clarke 

‘Graham has been an amazing tutor, as he himself is very knowledgeable, easy going, calm and relaxed whilst teaching. He has ben very approachable throughout the duration of the course answering all questions and concerns easily and constructively. The course itself has been very eye opening and Graham has been great in the delivery of the course. The pacing has been great and the support throughout the course has been exceptional. ’C. Butters 

‘A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting training course, great environment and Graham is approachable and extremely thorough in delivering this course.’ E. Cutting

‘Absolutely amazing course. It is very easy to read and understand. The trainer and his delivery methods are easy, straight forward, the practice of the techniques makes them easily log in the memory and seem so natural. I love the fact that with each technique taught, we have the opportunity to practice it until we perfect it in our own, individual way. Each day, the confidence and ability to deliver grows stronger. The environment is friendly, easy going and even when the study day comes to an end, Graham is always there , one call or message away giving us support, guidance and tips for an easier, more straight forward approach in order to achieve more powerful results, using the helpful, fantastically put together course work. I couldn’t wish for a better trainer and for a better group to be part of. I feel privileged to be taught by such a knowledgeable person and meet such wonderful people.Thank you :-)’ . F. Powell

‘This has been a very interesting  well  presented  course.  An excellent  trainer/teacher and easy to understand.  Looking  forward to the next part and diploma.’ J. Boulter